Pastor Mark Driscoll Preaches Sex That is Free from Sin

mark_driscoll.jpgThe Song of Songs is said to be the most erotic and exciting book in
Scripture yet its contents are hardly preached on. When the book is
taught in church, it is usually taught as an allegory, and not
literally as an intimate relationship between a husband and a wife.

Although sex and intimacy are subjects many ministers feel
uncomfortable with, Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll says they
exceedingly important to preach on especially at a time when Britney
Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan are promoted as examples for
girls and porn stars like Jenna Jameson are featured in video games for

“At Mars Hill Church, we believe that ‘all Scripture is
breathed out by God and profitable’ (2 Tim. 3:16), therefore we do not
hesitate to discuss anything that the Bible addresses,” stated Mark
Driscoll, preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

And that includes sex – of course, within the context of marriage.

“We got a whole book of the Bible talking about this issue, and
even sometimes good faithful Bible teachers won’t touch this book and
I’ve asked them why. And they’re like ‘because it’s got some parts in
there that are pretty dicey,'” Driscoll said early on in his “The
Peasant Princess” sermon series, which launched in September.

Sex sermons are nothing new but more pastors have decided to
deal more frankly and openly with the issue, some even advertising
their teaching series to the public and others challenging the married
couples in their congregations to be intimate every day for a week or a

But Mars Hill’s Driscoll is hitting more touchy topics through
the study the Song of Songs, giving “MH-17” warnings for some of his

In his latest sermon last Sunday, Driscoll preached on what he
believes is the “most erotic, passionate, free section in all of
Scripture” – Song of Songs chapter 6.

“Before we get into the details, this is a Bible, OK?” Driscoll
made clear, as he reiterated the church’s belief that all Scripture is
divinely inspired by God.

In this chapter, the wife dances for her husband and is
“exceedingly visually generous to her husband,” Driscoll explained. All
the while, the husband is verbally generous as he pays her compliments
of her body and then “proceeds forward.”

“Your first reaction: this is inappropriate,” Driscoll said to thousands of congregants in Seattle and at satellite campuses.

“It’s in the Bible,” he stressed. “This is an example of marital freedom.”

The 10-week “Peasant Princess” sermon series comes at a time
when traditional marriage is being challenged in courts, Americans are
daily inundated with sexual images, and more money is being spent on
pornography than foreign aid.

Driscoll believes sex is the greatest threat to Christianity
and wants to replace Christian porn, adultery and divorce with “hot,
hetero, covenantal monogamy.”

According to Driscoll, sex has three “denominations,” which
are Straight, Gay and Bisexual, each of which have websites, “houses of
worship” (bars, clubs, strip joints), and “followers who vigorously
evangelize and recruit new members.”

Through the Song of Songs study, he says people can learn “how
to have sex that is free – free from sin, idolatry, guilt, shame,
condemnation, death, and separation from God – by having free and
frequent marital intimacy.” At the same time, Christians can learn “how
to worship God the Creator and enjoy his creation and not worship his
creation (our bodies and their pleasures) as a false god.”

He’s hoping this sermon series will hit high on the iTunes chart and maybe even overtake Oprah and Joel Osteen.

“Our study of the Song of Songs is meant neither to kill our
desires nor permit them to flow into deadly sin. Rather, this series is
an attempt to cultivate our desires and channel them toward our spouse
according to the wisdom God gives us in his Word,” he explained.

In addition to preaching, Driscoll and his wife, Grace, are
taking questions from congregants via text and e-mail immediately after
each sermon – a daring session of unscripted answers that began at Mars
Hill in January. With a no-holds-barred attitude, Driscoll has answered
some of the more explicit sex questions on his blog.

Source: Christian Post

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