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Dallas County’s First African-American District Attorney, Craig Watkins, Named Texan of the Year

December 26, 2008

craig-watkins-588.jpgJan.1, 2007, the day Craig Watkins was sworn in as Dallas’ first African-American district attorney, marked a seismic shift in local politics. Perhaps even more significant than the election of Ron Kirk, our first black mayor, Mr. Watkins’ first two years in office illustrate a commitment to just and effective enforcement of the law; citizens expect as much and rightly so.



Protesters Rally Near Texas Court in African-American Dragging Case

November 18, 2008

draggin-death-protests.jpgProtesters galvanized by a dragging death that has stirred memories of
the notorious James Byrd case rallied twice outside an eastern Texas
courthouse to speak out against a judicial system they consider racist.


Study Shows 8,000 African-Americans Die Due to Blood Pressure Gap

November 12, 2008

The lives of nearly 8,000 black Americans could be saved each year if
doctors could figure out a way to bring their average blood pressure
down to the average level of whites, a surprising new study found.


Kevin Johnson Becomes First African-American Mayor in Sacramento, California

November 7, 2008

kevin-johnson-sacramento-mayor-race.JPGKevin Johnson declared victory in the Sacramento mayor’s race Tuesday
night after the most costly and intensely publicized quest ever for the
city’s top political job.