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Long Island Obama School Nixed By Parents

December 26, 2008

barack-obama-594.jpgThe New York Post reports that the Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School will not be changing its name to honor President-elect Barack Obama.



Healing a Great Divide, by Frank Schaeffer

December 16, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama has said that he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act shortly after assuming office. The act would strike down local and state laws related to limiting abortion, parental notification and such. According to some reports, he may even do this as one of his first (and therefore closely scrutinized) initiatives as president. 


Poll: California Homosexual Marriage Ban Driven by Religion

December 5, 2008

Voters’ economic status and religious convictions played a greater role than race and age in determining whether they supported the Nov. 4 ballot measure outlawing same-sex marriage in California, a new poll shows.


Red Flags Fly High on Obama’s Economic Team, by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

December 2, 2008

earl-ofari-hutchinson-2.jpgTop Obama economic advisor Lawrence Summer is the consummate Wall Street, and yes another Clinton insider. His resume reads like a mini telephone book on the list of posts he’s held in and out of every financial and government monetary agency imaginable.


No God–And No Abortions, by Lisa Miller of Newsweek

November 30, 2008

lisa-miller-newsweek.jpgBefore the election I wrote a piece for about white evangelicals and abortion. In that piece, I predicted that conservative Christians would not move in large numbers away from the Republican Party because of their fundamental theological and cultural objections to abortion. 


President-Elect Plans to Create 2.5 Million Jobs by 2011 (Video)

November 22, 2008

barack-obama96.jpgSaying that moving quickly is imperative, President-elect Barack Obama on Saturday offered an outline of his economic recovery plan to create 2.5 million jobs by 2011, saying American workers will rebuild the nation’s roads and bridges, modernize its schools and create more sources of alternative energy.


Black Church Destroyed By Fire the Morning After Obama’s Election

November 21, 2008

black-church-burned-obama-election.jpgAs Election Night made way for a new day, a pastor named Bryant
Robinson Jr. clicked off his television to accept a sleep of sweet
promise. His mostly black congregation now had two blessings awaiting
it in 2009: the inauguration of the first African-American president
and the finished construction of a new church.