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Obamas Miss Out On Religious Services in Hawaii

December 26, 2008

obama-family.3.jpgBarack Obama has long stressed the importance of religion in his life. But as his fellow Christians around the world attended Christmas services on Wednesday and Thursday, the president-elect and his family remained sequestered at their vacation compound on the windward coast of Oahu.



Getting the Whole Story Out on Christians and Homosexuality

November 22, 2008

For many Americans, all they’ve heard is that Christians are “anti-gay.” The recent passage of amendments in California, Florida and Arizona defining marriage between a man and a woman and the large support those measures drew from churches haven’t changed that perception, and perhaps made it worse.


Atheists Reach Out–Just Don’t Call It Proselytizing

November 19, 2008

Late next month, atheists, humanists, freethinkers, secularists — in
short, nonbelievers of every description — will gather in dozens of
cities to mark the holiday they call HumanLight.


Orissa Bishops Warn of ‘Master Plan’ to Wipe-Out Christianity

November 17, 2008

Catholic bishops from the persecution ravaged state of Orissa warned this week that Hindu extremists have a “master plan” to wipe out Christianity in the remote eastern Indian state.


Jennifer Hudson Begged Her Mom to Get Out of the Neighborhood

November 6, 2008

hudson-family-house.jpgThe city of Chicago has remained a safe haven for Jennifer Hudson
throughout her climb to stardom – but her return to the Windy City
Friday was a journey of heartache and mourning.


President Bush Staying Out of Sight Until After Election

November 4, 2008

george-bush30.jpgIt’s no coincidence President Bush has been out of the public’s eye in recent days – that’s the way the Republican Party wants it. White House press secretary Dana Perino said Monday the incumbent’s invisibility is by design – because “the Republican Party wanted to make this election about John McCain.”


Money Runs Out for One Salt Lake Seminary

November 4, 2008

After nearly 25 years of
ministry in a Mormon-dominated community, the only Protestant graduate
school of theology in the Intermountain West announced Tuesday that
economic realities have forced it to close.