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Al-Qaeda Scorns President-Elect Obama with Racial Slur and Urges Attacks

November 19, 2008

al-qaeda-obama.jpgAl Qaeda’s deputy leader accused Barack Obama of betraying his race and his father’s Muslim heritage on Wednesday and urged more attacks, as the group tried to counter the incoming U.S. president’s global popularity.



Obama’s Racial Balancing Act by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

November 18, 2008

earl-ofari-hutchinson-2.jpgPresident elect Barack Obama’s close and long time confidant Valerie Jarrett was emphatic when she told a group of black journalists that Obama would not waver one bit in his commitment to diversity in his administration.


Arkansas Blacks Can’t Break State, Congress Racial Barrier

November 12, 2008

Arkansas remains
the only state from the former Confederacy not to elect an
African-American to Congress or any statewide office since
Reconstruction — and last week it soundly rejected the man set to
become the nation’s first black president.


Texas Longhorns Dismiss Player for Racial Slur about Obama

November 11, 2008

A Texas Longhorns team leader Monday praised the way coaches handled
the dismissal of a player who posted a racial slur on his Facebook page
about President-elect Barack Obama.


Obama Victory Shows Deep Racial Divide in Church

November 7, 2008

obama-cross55.jpgThe barrier-crossing election of Barack Obama did little to bridge the deep racial divide in American churches. In fact, some clergy say it has only served to underscore their differences.


University of Illinois Homecoming Under Racial Divide: Some Black Students Say They Don’t Feel Welcome by Mainstream

November 4, 2008

u-illinois.jpgThe homecoming football game had just ended, and students clad in orange T-shirts were swarming the quad in search of post-tailgating festivities, but the nearly 1,700 African-American students packed in a nearby auditorium at the Downstate campus barely noticed.