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Former ‘American Idol’ Runner-up Shares his Faith with Impressive Testimony (Video)

December 16, 2008

Jason Castro, a runner-up in season 7 on ‘American Idol,’ gives his testimony in this video on the very cool I Am Second website. Castro tells how a Christian camp experience in high school — with a little help from the David Crowder Band — led him to “really dedicate my life to the teachings of Jesus.”



William Balfour Arrested, Officially Charged with Murders of Hudson Relatives (Video)

December 2, 2008

william-balfour-2.jpgPolice arrested the estranged brother-in-law of Jennifer Hudson on Monday in the shooting deaths of the entertainer’s mother, brother and young nephew, taking him from a prison where he had been held on a suspected parole violation.


With the Obama Election, Evangelicals Seek a Role as Faith in Politics Enters Historic Era

November 30, 2008

Mickey Sheridan is in denial. In the weeks since the election of Barack Obama, the 58-year-old self-professed “holy roller” refuses to acknowledge the Illinois senator will soon be inaugurated as America’s 44th president.


Al-Qaeda Scorns President-Elect Obama with Racial Slur and Urges Attacks

November 19, 2008

al-qaeda-obama.jpgAl Qaeda’s deputy leader accused Barack Obama of betraying his race and his father’s Muslim heritage on Wednesday and urged more attacks, as the group tried to counter the incoming U.S. president’s global popularity.


Obama in Talks With Gates Over Pentagon Role

November 19, 2008

robert-gates1.jpgPresident-elect Obama and Robert Gates are negotiating terms under which the defense secretary would remain as Pentagon chief in his administration, the Financial Times has learned. 


In Virginia, a Powerful and Polarizing Pastor: A Loudoun Minister Inspires Loyalty From Followers, Anger From Ex-Members With Torn Lives and Moral Pain

November 17, 2008

Rob Foster was 16 when his family unraveled. He had told his
parents that he wanted to leave Calvary Temple, the Pentecostal church
in Sterling the family had attended for decades.


President Bush Handing Over Power to President-Elect Obama With Grace

November 11, 2008

obama-bush-white-house-3.jpgNo matter how people remember President Bush’s time in office, let there be no doubt about how he wants to end it: gracefully.